Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reminders Functionality in Workflowy with Workflowy Plus Extension

Workflowy Plus is chrome extension that bring Reminders and Other features to Workflowy application. Just like workflowy is simple i have tried to keep it simple as well.
It supports Monthly,Daily and Yearly Reminders.After installation of extension.Modify your item
Meeting with David to @r,Meeting With David,26-03-2017 22:25
Current Supported format only dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm
Now if time will arrive you will see message box automatically.
Known Limitations.
Your workflow account must be logged in and open in some tab for code to run.It does not have to be currently open tab code will work on other tabs as well.

Another feature is Day highlighter. This will automatically color current day to red so you can see can take action when day arrive not to worry

To Download Extension Click Here

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