Wasim Ud Din Malik
Address: House No 256,Street 6 Sector B Askari 14 Rawalpindi
Phone: +923345074506                            Email:       Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 22-02-1988                      
To develop expertise in the areas of Software Engineering and to work in a competitive environment for acquiring knowledge and enhancing capabilities with the contemporary trends in the professional world. I have good programming skills, database programming and problem solving skills.
Bahria University, Islamabad                                                                                                    [2013 –2015]
MSSE [Master in Software Engineering]
GPA 3.56

Army Public College of Management and Sciences, Rawalpindi                                    [2008 –2012]
BSSE [Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering]
GPA 3.76

FG Sir Syed College, Rawalpindi                                                                                               [2005 –2007]
HSSC (Pre Engineering Group)                
Bahria College, Karachi                                                                                                              [2003 –2005]
SSC (Computer Science Group)
Professional Experience                                                                                      Total       [4 Years 10 Months]
CIKLUM Pakistan - Senior Software Engineer                                                                                                           Jan 2016-Till Date
Developed Online Education Platform for Client. Where student can study material and submit assignment. Working as full stack developer in Asp.Net from Database to front end.
  • “Online Training Management System”
 Technologies: C#,SQL Server, Webservices, AJAX, Javascript
Working on project that create similar System to Moodle for our client. I am working as myself on complete project from scratch basic modules include, Assignment submission, Marking, Resource Download and uploading and Student Teacher interactions.
TECNEX - Software Design and Development Engineer (Team lead)                                                                      Apr 2015-Dec 2015
Patient Care Dashboard Developed complete module of patient care dashboard that is alert management in C# form based product for real-time communication between clinics. Implementation of Caching to enhance the speed of product. Designing the architectural aspects of products. Leaded the team of developers for release 3.8 and Delivered on time.
  • “Patient Care Dashbaord”
 Technologies: C# Windows Form Based Application with SQL Server in Backend
 Patient Care Dashboard Developed complete module of patient care dashboard that is alert management in C# form based product for real-time communication between clinics.
  • “Performance Improvement of Product”
Technologies: Redis ,C# , Web services.
Implementation of Caching to enhance the speed of product.

  • “Performance Improvement of Product”
Technologies: JIRA, SCRUM
Designing the architectural aspects of products. Leaded the team of developers for release 3.8 and delivered on time
AXACT - Software Architect                                                                                                                                     June 2014-Apr 2015
Worked as a full stack developer. Creating the online education system in a competitive deadline with quality and scalability to handle millions of customer. Learned a lot about problem solving skills. Created and maintained systems using .Net Platform C#, Java Script, Web API, MVC pattern. The most challenging work environment I have ever seen.
  • “Research Live System”
 Technologies: MVC, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, SQL Server 2008
Created a system from system from scratch with 4 team member. This system purpose was to create a portal where academic conference can be handled. It involves complete implementation of Research Paper submission, Review and Conference organization system.

  • “Proposal Creation Module”
Technologies: Single Page Application, HTML, Javacript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS
Created a single page application for user who were looking to create new android application. It get all the product information they want to get into their app also include requirement specification document and at the end PDF proposal was created and sent to our engineering team automatically.

  •  “Maintenance of Live System”
Technologies:,MVC,C#,Web services , HTML, Javacript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS
Worked on existing running systems understand them and modify them according to client requirement on urgent basis.

Your Engineering Solutions - Software Engineer                                                                                               Feb 2012-Feb 2014
Worked as Junior to Senior software engineer. Worked on many projects some of the renowned work is Fuel Station Management System it was C# application with Database in SQL server. Worked on Fuel Guard Website and Backend services this website was created for customer to prevent fuel theft form remote Mobile Towers. Finally last Project was Point of Sale System for American Multinational Company.

  • “Point of Sales System”.
 Technologies: Asp.Net C#,HTML, Javascript ,Xamarin C#,SQL Server
Point of Sale Management system created for American Client Imidus. Worked with team of 10 Member. It was a complete POS system including Payroll , Inventory Management, User Management, Deals/ Discount Management

  • Product “Fuel Guard SMS server”.
Technologies: C# Window Forms
Worked for SMS sending application. This project involved serial port communication and bulk sms handling using multiple SMS device. This project also include load balancing, Automatically managing SMS Packages.

  • “Maxconnect Portal for M2M Devices”.
Technologies: Python, Django
Fixing of issues in Portal and integration of Javascript based gadgets in there portal

  • “MultiVersion Update Tool for Maxon Australia”.
Technologies: Asp.Net C# Windows Forms
Worked individually to extend our FOTA web application to multiple version automatically . Like some devices requires to updated on v5 for v2 but they it is required to must go through v3 and then v4 and last update v5. Our web based application support all these updates in one go without having any flaw.

  • “Gang Update Tool for Maxon Australia” MVC, PostgreSQL
Worked with 2 team members. Created a web based solution for updating software in batch for factory production. Showing progress of 100’s of devices updating simultaneously plus also for QC purpose verifying the installation process worked correctly if no retrying it.

  • “Firmware Update Over The Air (FOTA) of 3G devices for Maxon Australia”. MVC, PostgreSQL
Created a system which provide Firmware updated to 3G/4G modems over the air for Maxon Australia Client
  • “Mirpur Development Authority Land Record Automation System”. C#, Oracle
Worked with team of 10 members. It was land record management system. I was assistant to team lead I also managed some developers directly.

  • Product “Fuel Guard”.
Technologies:Asp.Net C#,SQL Server,Javascript,HTML,CSS
Worked with 3 team members. My role was to create pages related to display of fuel monitoring of remote site. In this website I learned to create many Gadgets /meters using HMTL Javascirpt and CSS. This was the first website that was responsive in design.

  • “Access Management System”.
Technologies: Asp.Net, C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Worked individually for roles and right management system over web project. It contains everything from user management to administrative panel. This based project was later on used in several projects for creating User Authentication Module.

  • “Fuel Station MS database replication services and multiple fuel station synchronization”.
Technologies: C# Windows Forms, SQL Server, SQL Management Tools
Worked with 1 more team member. This project was all about synchronization of database that have occasional internet connectivity. For testing visited fuel stations to test real scenarios.

  • “Leave Management System”
Technologies: Asp.Net, C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS
Worked as an individual on project. Create a complete web based system from scratch and deployed it. It enable complete workflow automation of Leave Approval and Management Cycle.

C# Web Applications, C# Windows Forms, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Entity Frame Work, Web Services, Angular JS, Oracle, MVC, Android, Xamarin, WPF, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
ü  Won Gold Medal in Bachelor’s Degree from University of Engineering and Technology Taxila.
ü  1st Position is Speed Programming contest held in University.
ü  Employee of the Month in July 2015 in Tecnex.
ü  Gold Performer Award for continuous 8 Months in Axact
Extra Projects, Jungle, TRA Billing Software, JB Inventory Manager, Behar Checker Android App, Food Order Management System, Car Detection from Video and Automated Time Table Generation System.
       Computer Games, Music, Travelling, Photography, Reading

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